All photography provided by Oskar Andersen



If you drive car from Bergen or Oslo repeats E16 to Lærdal, then ferry from Fodnes to Mannheller, Rv 5 to Sogndal, turn right after the bridge and continue the county RV 55 towards Gaupne - Luster - Skjolden and Turtagrø /Sognefjellet . You drive 12 km and than you see a sign to Solvorn/  Urnes stav church, to the parking lot in senter of Solvorn. You will see a sign with Villa Solvorn on the back of Bryggehuset cafe/shop.

If you take the beautiful road over the mountain Sognefjellet, down to Skjolden it will take you about 45 minutes to reach Solvorn . You can park either on the parking lot in Solvorn senter or behind the house at the entrance to Villa Solvorn.

Solvorn has bus conections both from Lom, Sogndal, Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim. You can take express buses or local routes. Check routes on

The nearest airport is Sogndal airport Haukåsen, You can take airport bus from Haukasen to Sogndal, but you need to schange bus/take taxi to Solvorn.

If you travel form Bergen you can take the exspressboat to Sogndal,